Products for strengthening of ligaments and joints (1)

Products for strengthening of ligaments and joints.

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We are what we eat, so the state of health depends directly on its daily diet. The same is true of the connection and joints.

Ties and joints are the strongest and strongest components of the body, but they also account for the highest number of injuries, since they are the basis of mobility of the locomotor apparatus.

Proper nutrition is one of the important elements for maintaining health and strengthening joints and ligaments. It is important here to point out those foods that are useful for connective tissue and those that are better to be eliminated from your diet at all.

Useful products to maintain bond strength and joints

Fish and seafood are useful in high levels of organic phosphorus, which is indispensable for strong bones and joints.

Low-fat red meat Low-fat red meat, eggs contain iron, which extracts from the body excess, inorganic phosphorus.

Dried fruits Green vegetables, some dried fruit (raisins, prunes, dates), bran is rich in magnesium. Magnesium positively affects the work of the nerves responsible for the joints.

Creamy ice cream Creamy ice cream contains useful fats and calcium, while virtually all other types of ice cream are harmful to the body and, including, for connective tissue.

products are made from milk. Dairy products are rich in organic calcium, which strengthens bone and adjacent tissues.

Gelatin Gelatin promotes the proper functioning of the joints due to mucopolysaccharides, which are also found in large quantities in sea cabbage, tendons, ridges, cartilages.

Very important for health communication and joints are certain vitamins:

fat-soluble vitamin is a group of vitamins E

Herring and olive oil are rich sources of vitamin F, which has anti-inflammatory effects on the joints. Vitamin E prevents the enzymes from breaking down the cartilage tissue. Contains in broccoli, carrots, parsley, celery, vegetable oil, beets, wild rose.

ascorbic acid (vitamin c) group of vitamins d

Vitamin C is responsible for the processes of feeding the joints and ligaments. Contained in citrus, eggs, tomatoes, cabbage, currant. Vitamin D prevents the removal of calcium from bones. Contains in dairy products, egg yolks, liver of fish.

Harmful products that destroy our ligaments and joints

soda, baking, carbonated drinks, baking, cheese melting, crab sticks – all these products contain inorganic phosphates. Their regular use leads to stiffness of the joints and osteoporosis.

smoked and pickled foods Smoked and pickled foods contain a large amount of inorganic salts that can cause inflammation and deformation of the joints.

green sorrel, spinach and radish Shagavel, spinach and radish contain a lot of oxalic acid, which prevents the nutrition of the joints and can lead to their inflammation.

chocolate, coffee Coffee, chocolate products, liver, lentils, fatty pork contain purines that lead to gout.

As you can see, many products we are familiar with are useful for joints and ligaments. Of course, you do not need to eat them all in one day, you just have to diversify their daily diet for the constant feeding of connective tissue and saturation with its useful elements. And if you have an active and athletic way of life, add to your diet a sports nutrition for joints and joints.